Principles and Objects

Principles and Objects of our Order

DOLLUS acknowledges as its fundamental principles:

First, A firm belief and trust in Almighty God extolling Him under whose beneficent guidance the sovereignty and integrity of the Union have been maintained the honor of the Flag vindicated and the blessings of civil liberty secured, established and enlarge.
Second, True allegiance to the United States of America, based on paramount respect for and fidelity to the National Constitution and Laws, manifested by discountenancing what ever may tend to weaken loyalty, incite to insurrection, treason or rebellion or impair in any manner the efficiency and permanency of our free institutions.

The objects of DOLLUS shall be to foster the spirit of patriotism and to cherish the memory of those men and women whose distinguished services during the Civil War so largely aided in preserving the integrity of the government of the United States of America, to maintain the historical truths of that period; to protect the rights and liberties of American citizenship and to maintain national honor, union, and independence.

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