The Helen Soden Brady Memorial Scholarship

1. Only a DOLLUS members can nominate a person (male or female) to receive said scholarship.  It should be stated the relationship of the applicant to the DOLLUS member, who is writing the request for this scholarship.

2. Each letter must state the name, address, and age of the applicant..

3. Please list the college or university where the applicant will attend, the year in school, the course of study, and the year the applicant is expected to graduate.

4. List any other activities and or awards received in school and the applicant’s Grade Pont Average.

5. List any activity in community service and any work experience.

6. This letter of recommendation by a DOLLUS member is to be sent to the Chairman of the Helen Soden Brady memorial Scholarship Fund and received by the Chairperson by June 1st.  If more than one person is recommended for this scholarship, the interest monies will be divided among those candidates recommended.

Miss Monie Upham, PNP, Chairperson
2323 40th Place NW #105
Washington, DC 20007